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RELIEF LENDING GROUP (RLG) is a for profit organization providing financial solutions to Canadians wishing to support charity.  The team is comprised of legal, accounting, tax, finance, management and fundraising experts whose purpose is to assist charities and Canadians to achieve their philanthropic objectives. 

How your Philanthropy is Rewarded
Donation tax credits are more advantageous than standard tax deductions.

Relief Lending Group Inc.

Tax credits are fixed amounts and are applied (with the exception of the first $200 of a donation) at the highest marginal tax rate in the donor’s province of residence.

No adverse consequences regarding the Alternative Minimum Tax application.

Third-party loans could allow for larger donations to charity.

What We Do
Introduce donors to registered Canadian charities.

Finance purchases of medicines and other essential items to enable Canadians to donate more.

Educate Canadian taxpayers on tax planning strategies and the benefits resulting from donations to charity.

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Relief Lending Group Inc.